14 dating mistakes to avoid

Demanding to know if the relationship is going anywhere on the first few dates, talking about marriage and babies, having the Defining The Relationship talk when you don’t even know his address, is dating suicide.

Horniness is not a barometer for how successful you think that the date will be.

But you’d better keep your opinion because your sarcasm may offend your friends who do have family and are happy with it. To express your opinion in writing is tempting, especially on social networks, where no one can stop you or contradict. Your friends will think you’re too hurt and you give them shame, especially if you feel like writing after having a few drinks. If he/she left, do you really think you deserve to follow him/her thinking about the Valentine’s Day? And if the temptation is too strong, better call a good friend with whom you can unburden to stay in peace. You can also write a list with the advantages of being single, which are many. Never compare yourself with your friends happily matched.

Comparisons are odious, because there will always be someone better looking, richer, happier or deep in love than you.

If you avoid having sex too soon, you avoid having to justify why you continue see him.

Gagging for a Relationship, Relationship If you want a relationship and all the attendant trimmings that come with it, more than you want a quality relationship, it reeks of desperation.

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