8 phases of dating

Some Basic Assumptions Before we begin let me say that this article is not designed to cover every element of the bullet casting art.

Lets assume that you are already acquainted with the importance of using a clean, well-mixed and consistent alloy; the benefits of fluxing the melt on a regular basis; and that you have a pot of sufficient size to produce 50 to 75 bullets before needing to add more alloy to the melt.

He gets really upset, and you're just sitting there thinking… Then, right when you were about to give up, you meet someone who is NORMAL!

Some of the best books that I have found about casting are two by Paul Matthews entitled Cast Bullets for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle and Casting Premium Bullets for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle.

It's like you are suffering after a really bad break-up—only with your best friend.

Here are the eight phases you enter when your best friend starts dating "the one.""WHOOOOO!

All healthy relationships will have disagreements; learning how to handle issues calmly and productively is a true sign of maturing out of the honeymoon phase, while fighting and "blowing up" (as you put it) at one another is detrimental and unhealthy at any stage.i agree here and i disagree.

To attribute frequent fights, insults, and aggrivation to a committed relationship is just sad.

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