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“I hope you worry and wonder every day in prison who’s going to stab you in the back.”Arnold painted Campbell as someone who had a difficult childhood, where he was beaten and his parents divorced.

Arnold also asked Campbell about the hardship of missing his two children while he’s incarcerated and about mental health issues.

Campbell testified he killed Sekse on impulse when the robbery got out of control and that he was accepting responsibility for his actions.

Shipman noted Campbell, a friend of Sekse’s, devised the plan to rob Sekse, called Sekse to lure him to Sheridan Street, organized the group of co-defendants, took a gun to the shed, identified Sekse and led him from his truck to the shed.“Because of that relationship, Mike was killed,” Shipman said.

Todd gave Campbell some credit for remorse and taking responsibility for his actions. 30 hearing that he was sorry for causing Sekse’s family pain and that he did plead guilty without a trial.

However, Todd ruled the aggravating circumstances outweighed the mitigating circumstances, so an enhanced sentence applied.

The last of five co-defendants pleaded guilty Friday to the March 2012 murder of Richmond resident Michael Sekse. Campbell, 20, also pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiracy to commit robbery, one a Class A felony and one a Class B felony, during a hearing before Judge Charles K. Defense attorney Jeffrey Arnold pushed for concurrent sentences that were less than the maximum.

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By Campbell pleading guilty, seven other charges were dismissed, including the possibility of a life sentence without parole.He said he knew he had caused a lot of pain for Sekse’s family and friends.“I don’t want to be thought of as an animal,” he said.Sekse’s widow, Beth Drook-Sekse, also addressed the court and Campbell.“You are an animal and a coward,” she said, looking at Campbell.He asked Campbell about the care his children are receiving, and Campbell admitted his hardship is similar to all incarcerated parents.Shipman also pointed out Campbell does not have a mental illness, and he said selling drugs should be an aggravating circumstance, not a mitigating factor.

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