Companies caught backdating

2/13/2017 It has been reported that Am Fam agents have received on or about January 9, 2017, an email asking them to participate in an anonymous survey with subject matter being, "The Current Culture and Practices related to Ethics and Compliance." You are given until January 20th to respond.

Many have reported to this office that corruption rampantly abounds within the company. Now is your chance (some would argue it's even your obligation, perhaps) to let the company know how aware you are of the excessive amount of corruption you know exists within the corporate walls of the company you work for. You may read more about the case by clicking on the court case above.

Sort of interesting how the Big "I" wrote this article up.

Many news outlets are carrying this story each with their own slant. 9/7/2017 The author made a good point here when he noticed that the insurance industry doesn't seem to produce any leadership people with opinions and ideas that might be pertinent to those discussing the emerging risk issues of today.

See Message #12 10/10/2016 Of course, we're told this move is best for everybody….right? And the question still remains…how will it affect the agents' Termination Benefits?

We all know what the non-compete in our contracts has done to the rights of consumers (our clients).

Each news article adds a bit of a different slant to the report.

Check some of the "comments" at the end of some of the articles, especially the Insurance Business article.

3/3/2016 Things evidently went well for Am Fam in 2015, according to this article.

Does this mean upper management will again take huge salaries and bonuses?

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