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But child sex abuse was not seen as a major problem in Europe and the United States until fairly recently.Only in the last two decades has childhood sexual abuse been seen in the field of mental health, psychiatry and social work as an important social problem with effects connected to this trauma (Baker, 2003).In a review of the CSA research by Browne and Finklehor (1986), it was found that the types of abuse that were the most damaging involved father figures, force and genital contact.This review limited its research to studies to female subjects, due to the fact that at this time few studies had been done with male survivors of CSA.Definitional issues may affect the results measured from abuse related effects.Dysfunctional family relationships may also contribute to adult maladjustment (Collings, 1994).Similarities and discrepancies that arise between these different views and types of presentations will be discussed and compared.Covert and Overt Sexual Abuse Contact and noncontact forms of CSA may each have different findings in terms of abuse related effects.

The study used the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI), which is a 53-item self-report checklist, which measures nine main symptom dimensions.” and the hypothesis “does childhood sexual abuse have deleterious effects on the variables pertaining to adult interpersonal relationships?” will be discussed by examining each of the various parts of the hypothesis and then by breaking them down into variables.This topic is of great importance because once one can look at the adult symptomology pertaining to childhood sexual abuse, one will be able to make more appropriate diagnoses and interventions of adult pathological symptoms and problems for those patients with abuse histories.Patients with misdiagnoses may not receive appropriate treatment and may not recover as quickly as those that are properly diagnosed (Gelinas, 1983).

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