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Life is for doing a bunch of cool stuff and meeting people what make you happy and eating hotdogs in the bath.

Being cautious when your heart is an enormous hopeful flesh bag is hard. Basically, if you spot anything that in the past has signalled something bad: Don’t ignore it. So practice slowing down, practice managing your expectations, and try to base your hopes on how they act in reality rather than in your most hopeful dreams. If you’ve only ever dated sad poem writing types, why not try dating a happy clam farmer or a folk singer? Don’t romanticize romance, remember that it’s worth waiting for something extraordinary, and then do just that.

I encourage you to be your most authentic self in dating. If you want to slow him down a bit, tell him you’re attracted to him, but you need to move more slowly. If he’s a gentleman and respects you, chances are he’s a good guy. If you use sex as your main draw to bring a man into your life, once he has sex with you, he’ll probably move on to the next conquest – I mean woman.

Know your intentions for when you want to get physical with a guy.

SCISSOR SISTERS frontman Jake Shears has told how dating a man aged 33 when he was 16 was a ‘confusing’ experience.

The I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ singer, 39, admits he subsequently had mixed feelings about the romance during a time when he considered himself as the ‘weird kid’ at school.

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