Dating bipolar relationships

“One-night stands on a low mood can be awful and lead to incredible self-loathing.

A few months into our relationship, I dragged him off to sex therapy because of his seemingly uncontrollable behaviour. Up until the escort point, I’d thought that the other signs – the spending sprees, sporadic drug-taking, or staying up all night to work - were nothing more than foils to his ample creativity.

“And then there’s the impact on the other person when you just don’t want to have sex at all.

It’s awful when someone thinks it’s because of them.

And then there’s the increased risk of STIs and pregnancy.” As Tom, a 27-year-old student from Wales, who has just been diagnosed and has only just started on medication, put it: “My sex drive can be virtually insatiable.

It might seem all good when you’re ex is telling you they love how dirty you are, but I had a one-night-stand without using a condom that embarrasses me to this day.

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