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Nonsmoker, but enjoys wine on Sunday.”Until recently, Jesus Christ was my one and only.

It was an open relationship (I shared my love with an estimated 2.2 billion faithful worldwide), but the vibe was definitely romantic.

Add to that the double whammy that, in the church, unmarried women don’t have the same social status as unmarried men — and that premarital dalliances are not tolerated. While the typical evangelical woman smugly perceives her secular sisters as hopelessly lost in self-sabotaging Tinder trysts and doomed to marry a partner of less-than-saintly character, she herself is hopelessly stuck in the Jesus-is-my-boyfriend camp.

Yearning for a relationship and social fulfillment, but paralyzed by a tyranny of unattainable standards, she distracts herself with a pseudo-romance that she can share with her entire community.

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If He had an online-dating profile, it would read something like this: “33-year-old man of Middle Eastern descent. Never judges, loves unconditionally, able to read your deepest thoughts.

While I had moments of missing home or familiar friends, I embraced the adventure of seeing new places, getting involved in new communities, and meeting new people. However, we know that all good things don’t last forever, and thus a feeling of loneliness began to overcome me.

I felt some uncertainty in my friendships because of some complications in the new friend circle I had made.

This was no way to spend four months of opportunity abroad, and I knew it.

Sharing my heart with a friend from home, I realized one of the biggest roots to my problem.

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