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These findings suggest that SIF can play a role in managing overdoses. Harm Reduction Journal Reducing Harms Associated With Drug-Related Overdose Conventional drug overdose prevention strategies have been criticised for failing to address the macro- and micro-environmental factors that shape drug injecting practices and compromise individual ability to reduce the risks associated with drug-related overdose. After program costs are taken into account, this prevention method is generating a societal benefit in excess of million per year and is an effective and efficient use of public health care resources. International Journal of Drug Policy Neighbourhood residents and businesses view In Site as making a positive contribution to public order This report explored the impact of In Site on public order in the surrounding neighbourhood. Wood 2008 Estimated Drug Overdose Deaths Averted by North America's First medically Supervised Safer Injection Facility. The study also considered the health effect of increased use of safe injection practices, the incremental net savings increased to more than million and the number of life-years gained to 1070. Drug users who use In Site for 75% or more of their injections are less likely to overdose than those who use the site less often.

Safer injection facilities (SIFs) constitute one such intervention, although little is known about the impact of such facilities on factors that mediate risk for overdose. By detailing various kinds of property crime and violent crime the researchers found that no change in the rate of crime can be traced to the establishment of the In Site. PLo S One Vancouver police officers support the efforts of In Site and work in tandem with the facility to improve public order Study examined the role of police in referring injection drug users to In Site and found that the supervised injection site provides an opportunity to coordinate policing and public health efforts in a positive manner thereby improving both health and public order.

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Lancet Infectious Diseases 1-6 Changes in Public Order Reports that the opening of In Site appears to have lead to improvements in public order, including reduced public injection drug use and public syringe disposal. Canadian Medical Association Journal 11-4 Impact on Drug Related Crime Examines crime rates in the neighborhood surrounding In Site during the year before versus the year after In Site opened. Impact of a Medically Supervised Safer Injecting Facility on Drug Dealing and Other Drug- Related Crime. American Journal of Public Health In Site reduces strain on the health care system Specialized and relevant onsite care is proven to reduce ER visits and hospitalizations among local injection drug users.

Rate of detoxification service use and its impact among a cohort of supervised injecting facility users Society for the Study of Addiction Attendance and Detoxification Reports that weekly use of In Site and any contact with the facility's addictions counselor were both independently associated with more quicker entry into a detoxification program. In Site appears to have improved public order and reduced syringe sharing. British Medical Journal 30-2 Culture Change Case Study Highlights the ideas, processes and historical events that contributed to a cultural transformation that was critical to opening the In Site in Vancouver. International Journal of Drug Policy -82 Attendance, drug use patterns, and referrals Reports that In Site has successfully been integrated into the community, has attracted a wide cross section of community injection drug users, has intervened in overdoses and initiated over 2000 referrals to counseling and other support services.

New England Journal of Medicine 312-4 Syringe Sharing Reports that In Site appears to have reduced syringe sharing. Lancet 36-8 Impact on Drug-Use Patterns Reports that the opening of In Site did not adversely affect community drug use, including relapse into injected drug use, stopping injected drug use, and seeking treatment. Impact of a Medically Supervised Safer Injection Facility on Community Drug Use Patterns: A Before and After Study. The establishment of North America's first state sanctioned supervised injection facility: a case study in culture change. The study indentified mechanisms through which integrated supervised injection programs may better facilitate access to comprehensive care for HIV-positive injection drug users.

Thomas Kerr, Will Small, David Moore, Evan Wood, 2006. Furthermore, 60% of those living/working in the area reported feeling that the site had a positive impact on public order; and more than 80% indicated that In Site should be either expanded, retained or modified. Boyd et al 2008 Vancouver: Health Canada Canada's national police force concludes that supervised injection sites do not increase crime This study, lead by the RCMP, Canada's national police force, analyzed previous research and found that supervised injection sites achieve many of the expected benefits and that there was no evidence that they increased the number of drug users, made drug users more resistant to treatment or decreased public order by expanding drug scenes or attracting drug users and dealers from other locations. Cohen 2006 Potus Consulting, RCMP There has never been a fatal overdose at In Site This study attempted to estimate the number of overdose deaths potentially averted by the implementation of In Site.

A micro-environmental intervention to reduce the harms associated with drug-related overdose: Evidence from the evaluation of Vancouver's safer injection facility. Based on a conservative estimate of the local ratio of non-fatal to fatal overdoses, the potentially fatal overdoses in the supervised injection facility during the study period could have resulted in between 8 and 51 deaths had they occurred outside the facility.

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