Does dating site gta 4 work vb net call validating event

or you can just kill her (and/or sneak in her house) to have a lower but usefull reward (some cash).

But on the internet, have different type of girls each day they change for a week or 2, without being the same.

First off, if there's gonna be a love-meet type website in GTA 5, you should be able to date all of the people on there, not just certain ones.

This would add more freedom and I think it would be a step forward for this part of the franchise.

In GTA: SA, you could react positively or negatively to a person.

In TBo GT, when you danced with a girl at the club, you had a chance of f*cking her in the bathroom and then getting her number. I was thinking you could basically keep replying positively to a girl and have a chance of getting her number. I like the bonuses given when you date certain people, as I'm sure other people do too.

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On the other hand, have a fine suit on, julius marlowe shoes, dollar sign chain on and driving a Cheetah, then girls will be throwing themselves at you! I too think you should be able to ask any pedestrian girl out on a date and have the added benefit after you reach a certain % you can use the girlfriend's house as a save point I thought it was obvious from the 1st trailer the two girls jogging were checking out the other guys jogging so its plain to realise if you look like crap then girls won't want to date you.

It’s a crime drama of epic proportions and one that will have you gripped from start to finish.

The main character in this game is not the humorous and likeable Niko Bellic, it is actually the city itself.

The main protagonist this time around is Niko Bellic, fresh off the boat from Eastern Europe and under the assumption he'll be living a life of luxury with his cousin Roman.

The reality is Liberty City isn’t all it was made out to be and Niko quickly finds himself mixing with the wrong crowd just trying to make a quick buck.

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