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The brain requires good nutrients to keep working at an optimal level.A 2011 study demonstrated a strong link between sugar intake and study participants’ cognitive function.Like plant leaves without water, the cells in your brain appear to dry out and contract when deprived of fluid, indicates research from Harvard Medical School. provided that breakfast isn’t sausage, greasy piles of bacon, and butter-sodden pancakes. Sleep is really important to all aspects of our health.A Vanderbilt University study found that people who consume too many fatty foods develop a defect in the brain, which impedes one’s ability to realize that they are full. The bad news is we’re getting less of it than ever. In 1970, that number had fallen to around 7.5 hours per night.You may also recall certain mental tricks you may have employed to help you do so, such as associating certain number sequences with the location of their keys on the dial pad, or “clustering” the numbers into groups to help you retain them. In a 2011 paper entitled: , college students were shown to recall less information when they knew they could search for it instead. “Reality TV is junk food for our brain, and in the same way that junk food rots our teeth and makes us sick, bad reality TV rots our brain and makes us rude,” says psychiatrist Dr. Japanese neuroscientists have backed up Sirota’s point of view by demonstrating that prolonged television viewing alters children’s brain structure, which supports findings of several previous studies of lower verbal IQ, as well as increased aggressiveness.

So read on to discover the lifestyle missteps you can avoid and, in so doing, keep your mind in tip-top form.

Having conversions is like a workout for your brain.

You order your thoughts and feelings and then convert them into language, while almost simultaneously making sense of the thoughts and feelings coming from the person or people you’re talking to.

, researchers from the University of Oxford and University College London looked at the impact of moderate alcohol consumption on the brain. The study looked at the cognitive ability of more than 500 adults over 30 years.

Researchers found people who drank between 15 and 20 standard drinks per week were three times more likely to suffer from hippocampal atrophy—damage to the area of the brain involved in memory and spatial navigation.

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