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Those left to cope with her death treat her as a non-person — their major concern becomes what to do with the decaying body, not how to come to terms with the passing of someone deeply cared about.There’s no sense of tears being shed; it’s all bundle up the body and get rid of it.

North American tellings, however, often end with the realization that inability to produce the body will lead to difficulty collecting the inheritance.At a young age, children's book author and artist Ashley Bryan noticed a lack of children's books with African American characters. Individual tickets for The Dancing Granny are for adults, for children 6 - 17, and FREE for children 5 and under.Bryan has been committed to filling that void in black representation by creating books about the African and African American experiences for 50 years. Tickets for The Dancing Granny are available at The Woodruff Arts Center Box Office, by calling 404.733.5000, or online at Well, it wasn’t very funny even though it sounds like it because they have to wait seven years now to prove that Grandma is dead before they can collect any insurance. Not only because — uh — it wasn’t right to leave a body out in the desert but also for insurance and also to prove it wasn’t murder and also to prove there was a body in any court proceedings.And they’ve never been able to find either the car or Grandma. There was a family from Surrey who decided to spend their vacation in France, taking their elderly grandma with them. Well, not quite all of it, because a little way into the holiday, she died on them.

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