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Despite her significance, she rarely appears in ancient Maya art.“We find her portraits here and there, but she is not a favorite,” said Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos, assistant professor of anthropology at Yale.

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They are different from each other, but they share “nodal” subjects.How do we justify using a modern myth to interpret scenes like the one recreated on the cover of my book, which was produced in about 100 B. What’s an example of a myth that spans Mesoamerican cultures?Some of the most important myths have to do with the origin of the sun and the moon.Understanding the old goddess is key to understanding Maya mythology.”The old goddess is among several mythical characters Chinchilla Mazariegos examines in “Art and Myth of the Ancient Maya,” his new book published by Yale University Press.Using sources from across Mesoamerica, he seeks to fill gaps between written sources and ancient Maya artworks. A serious discussion of mythical representations in ancient Maya art began several decades ago with the work of Michael D.

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