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Her father died, and her mother was not charged in the incident." Madonna - "Madonna's mother died of breast cancer at the age of thirty on December 1, 1963; Madonna was five years old." Rosie O' Donnell - "This typical suburban lifestyle ended abruptly when her mother was diagnosed with what was believed to be pancreatic cancer in 1972 - O' Donnell has since said that she believes her mother died of breast cancer.

Edward O' Donnell chose to hide the seriousness of his wife's illness, telling the children that she had hepatitis.

exhibit Id=130 Eric Braeden - father Wright - father Ice-T - mother and father Milos Forman - mother and father Colin/Jonny Greenwood - father Baiul - mother Geffen - father Redford - mother Sundance James Ellroy - mother Miller?

Her father died of cancer when Roberts was nine." Puffy Combs, musician - "When Sean was a baby, his father was murdered." Barbra Streisand - "Her father, Emanuel Streisand, died when she was only 15 months old, and she had a lifelong turbulent relationship with her stepfather." Benecio Del Toro, actor - "When he was nine years old, his mother died of hepatitis." Kate Beckinsale, actress - There is no age or date, but Kate was obviously very young.Therefore, the O' Donnell offspring were unprepared when their mother died at the age of 39.Roseann O' Donnell was buried on her daughter Rosie's eleventh birthday." Corrected spellings Katie (not Catie) Couric Robert (not Richard) Wagner Roman Polanski (not Polansky)I have followed up on voila-ga's list of celebrities who lost parent's at a young age: Robert Goulet, actor - "Robert Gerard Goulet was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, of French Canadian parents.Robert Goulet - father Anne Heche - father Charles Dance - father Dylan Mc Dermott - mother Kim Jong Il - mother Courtney Love - mother Bono - mother Sir Ian Mc Kellen - mother Caryn Mandabach - mother and father Danny Harris - mother and father Nelson twins born in Sept.20, 1967 Ricky died December 31, 1985 Mariska Hargitay - mother John Goodman - father Ullman - father Portia De Rossi - father Personal history: "My father died when I was 9, and I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, with my mother [a med Ical receptionist] and my older brother...." (from US magazine, Jan. - father Paul Mc Cartney - mother Maya Rudolph - mother Richard Belzer - mother James Woods - father Billy Crystal - father Love's mom is alive and writing: DTLPart II Susan Ruttan Loretta Lynn Beth Neilsen Chapman Dano Simon "Hey there nurse cryptica, Everyone loves the shoutout, and always a pleasure seeing you among the living at GA.

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