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Also, how can I avoid getting down when it feels like everyone else can find someone but me?I know there are queer women everywhere and I’m likely just overlooking them.A: Let this be your mantra whenever you visit the food bank: “Everyone is here due to circumstances beyond their control, fate, and bad timing.I don’t know the details of anyone else’s situation.Treat dancing with your straight friends like the “fats, oils, and sweets” block on the old food pyramid—as an occasional treat, not your usual Friday-Saturday night mainstay. You can still go to movies and get dinner and go on hikes or whatever it is that you do together; just skip the meat market three times out of four.Your friends don’t want you to be miserable, and what you’re doing now is making you miserable.

I have an older, attractive co-worker that I’ve found myself sometimes fantasizing about.

No one else’s life is my business.” You don’t know how long ago someone bought their 0 purse; losing a job can move a person very quickly from being able to splurge on a status item to needing help keeping food in the house.

The i Pad might be a loaner from work, the jewelry might be costume or inherited.

Remind yourself that it is not your job to determine whether someone else is “genuinely” suffering from food insecurity. Lesbian woes: I’m a 27-year-old lesbian living in a major metropolitan city. When I’m out with them, and being a wing woman, men hit on me a lot.

It’s your job to look after yourself and your family. I usually just try to say I’m gay and dance away from them, but sometimes they’re really persistent.

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