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Clark Air Base in Angeles City and the Subic Naval Base in Olongapo — about two hours’ drive north of Manila —were vital part of the U. Both shut down in 1992 after nearly half a century presence.The bases, the largest facilities outside American soil, played crucial logistical roles – they were main repair hubs during the Vietnam War; Clark Air Base served as a launch pad for aerial attacks.These half-Americans, or Amerasians, were also often abandoned by their mothers.In a conservative Catholic country, some mothers gave up their children to avoid the social stigma of being a single parent and to retain hope of marriage.There are thousands of older American GIs, who were stationed in either Clark Air Base or Subic Naval Base in the Philippines, out there somewhere with or without knowledge they have fathered children during their stint in the archipelago.For those who are aware of their now adult children and did nothing to support or acknowledge them, shame on you.

According to one estimate, a quarter of Amerasians in the Philippines are of African-American descent.So I guess there will be no Father’s Day reunions happening anytime soon.Many of these so-called Filipino Amerasians now have children of their own, and I’m pretty certain that most have conquered the steepest of the challenges they faced as children.PI Monger site is certainly gaining velocity when it comes to showing off naked Filipina pussy, dancing bargirls and sexy cultural dancers.When I first saw this site about a year ago, I did not think it would gain too much popularity, but I was wrong.

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