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She ignored Maya's decision to get married to her boyfriend.She later followed Maya to New York to help her adjust to college.Naomi Bennett is a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist.She married Sam Bennett twice, with whom she has a daughter, Maya, and is expecting another child.Naomi refused initially, but William started making points about what he could offer, such as leadership of the practice, which Naomi feels she no longer she has at Oceanside Wellness Group.She eventually takes the job, and in the process, Charlotte King is fired.Utility player Matt Szczur revealed during Game 5 that he loaned Russell a pair of leggings ahead of Game 4 after the shortstop forgot his in Chicago, and it led to a major turnaround for the talented young star.Since donning Szczur’s (hopefully clean) underwear, Russell has had five hits and two home runs, including the crucial long ball in Thursday’s win.

She initially declined the offer, but William told her that he had been researching and found that she was one of the best fertility specialists, and she built one of the first whole wellness medical practices.

Naomi and Addison have been friends since medical school.

They consider each other best friends, but they hadn't spoken after Addison's divorce with Derek until Addison's trip to LA.

Naomi took a while to decide, but she ultimately accepted the offer.

Naomi has a very sunny personality and is often the person people go to, to confide in. She believes in faith and is a great person to hang out with.

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