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Furthermore, authorities made no effort to protect detained foreign migrants, who continued to be sold into forced labor by private employers on farms and construction sites.The government failed to take measures to protect children who were allegedly recruited by militia groups, which may be aligned with the government, as well as children recruited by informal military units.Militias run numerous prisons outside the government’s control; however, as of March 2014, the government gained control of many prisons and detention centers, including 20 detention centers designated for foreign migrants now under the nominal control of the Ministry of Interior’s Department for Combatting Illegal Migration.

Moreover, Libyan authorities continued to treat trafficking victims as undocumented illegal migrants and frequently detained and punished victims for unlawful acts that were committed as a direct result of being subjected to human trafficking.

The government also did not provide foreign trafficking victims with legal alternatives to their removal to countries where they faced hardship or retribution.

Prevention The Government of Libya made no discernible efforts to prevent human trafficking.

The government did not have any policy structures, regulations, or resources dedicated to the specific provision of protective services to trafficking victims.

The government did not develop or implement procedures for authorities to proactively identify trafficking victims among vulnerable groups, such as foreign migrants, street children, and women and girls in prostitution, nor did it protect trafficking victims from punishment for unlawful acts committed as a direct result of being subjected to human trafficking.

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