Signs of dating a con man

These elaborate boasts represent their made-up life. And lately as “having” antisocial personality disorder.

Replaying the memories and moments, as they come to us, from their point of view helps us see it isn’t personal: we could be anyone to the sociopath as long as they gain from playing us. It’s said by experts, one in 25 people are sociopaths. They morph their true persona Things That Seem to Be a Thing: If you’re ensnared by a joker who hides your things, your journal, a hairbrush – something you need, like medication. Or they slip something into that “secret-safe” place where you keep your private stuff.

Because of their pride in scamming and intense vanity sociopath’s display their real character bit-by-bit.

They make off-handed comments that reveal their inner workings.

Sociopaths all lie pathologically – this means always – as in every time they talk – causing mind twisting confusion and trauma. No matter how charming their human form, sociopaths are not to be dismissed or pitied as having some kind of harmless or treatable disorder. Yes, sociopaths – in addition being thieves and creators of destruction – are ridiculous.

Sociopaths do know they destroy people’s lives and enjoy doing so. The characteristics of a sociopath include: Vanity – with a capital “V”.

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