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In July 2011, he appeared at the 2011 ESPN Espy Awards, having lost a significant amount of weight.He did this by consulting with a trainer and a nutritionist, and changing his diet to mainly eating sushi in order to obtain serious roles.When Hill hosted “Saturday Night Live” the next time in 2012, he did another “Digital Short” that had the comedian serve as the subject of a TV show called “Science Finders,” which was testing how the human heart can be stressed.And to check how the heart is affected by a shock to the system, Hill repeatedly had tennis balls shot at 60 mph straight at his testicles.He next starred in Judd Apatow's third directorial feature, Funny People (2009), which also starred Adam Sandler, Eric Bana and Seth Rogen.

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Filming was expected to begin in 2008, but it has been in development since then.

In The Guardian, Wendy Ide wrote of his performance, "Jonah Hill is so repellent – all swagger, sweat and unapologetic sexism – in War Dogs, that for a while, you don’t immediately realise what a blitzkrieg of a performance he delivers." Hill wanted to be a writer since he was young, dreaming of joining the writing teams of The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live and The Larry Sanders Show.

At one point, Hill was writing a screenplay with close friend and I Heart Huckabees co-star Jason Schwartzman.

During their top story, host Casey (Bennett) sets the tone by confronting his newborn dad pal with a hard-hitting journalistic question: “What’s it like having a fucking baby?

” The audience doesn’t seem to love the fact that most of this episode is about brahs distraught by a woman getting a breast reduction; but Pete Davidson does such a convincingly hurt brah that a few people in the audience “Awww” in sympathy after his brokenhearted exit.

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