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She makes plans with Nicole to hang out at Emma's apartment later so she returns home.

While waiting for Nicole, Emma, and her Mom video chat.

Although there is no sign of the baby, the adventure park has suggested this could be the "calm before the storm".

3pm GMT: April is walking around her enclosure and occasionally gets close to the camera.

The footage shows the nanny, who was has worked for Ms Theron and her husband Johan since May, casually picking up Laila and then tossing her face down into her cot.

The baby can be heard screaming, but is ignored by the nanny, who walks out of the room.

She looks ready to give birth any day now, after her mammoth 15-month pregnancy.13.46 GMT: April the giraffe has had a relaxing morning, but like most expectant mums she appears to be growing impatient to give birth.

She is pacing up and down in her enclosure and looks a little tired.

“It was very emotional watching it,” Ms Theron, of Namibia, said of the video to .

“I refused to sleep, eat or drink for a couple of days afterward.

It’s difficult to imagine how long this has been going on for.

Emma Taylor (Ashley Benson), a graduate student moves to New York for a fresh start after her recent break up with her boyfriend Alex.

After getting settled into her new apartment someone begins anonymously hacking all her electronic devices and watching her through the cameras.

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