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“I thought it was cool that you could turn your cam on and see other people and meet them in this space. Just kind of having that exhibitionist thing where I wanted everybody to watch because it was fun.” The usual story that follows from here is the porn-industry staple of exploitation and moral erosion by degrees.I didn’t have to worry about being in a relationship or anything. But if there’s one thing that’s clear from speaking to Kevin and Ronny it’s that they’ve both been in charge of their decisions.And I made pretty decent money and I was able to move out of my parents’.” Within a month of that first solo show he had moved to that house in North Carolina with other cam boys.There he was introduced to the fellow performer with whom he would have sex on cam for the first time, in a week-long special event in which the pair put on shows every day for a paying online audience.Gone are the days of cards in phone booths and hustling on street corners. Not that it necessarily matters, but he was in a foster home, joined the circus, plays drums in a metalcore band and charges €120 per hour for incalls he books via an escorting site on his i Pad.Numerous sites now allow gay escorts to post detailed listings of their physical attributes and the services they’re prepared to render in return for hot hard cash. “I had an account with the biggest international gay community online and through that I would talk a lot with other users,” he says.I just wanted to meet random people who were also gay. “I don‘t like idea of giving away a cut of the money I’ve earned myself to a pimp.That‘s why I‘m working independently,” Ronny explains.

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As a curious 14-year-old, he’d venture into the then unmoderated world of AOL Instant Messenger and connect with guys hundreds of miles away, building his own network of buddies.But has it created a community of real value or merely amplified a latent demand by simplifying the ease of access? “If I’d never had access to the internet, I don’t think I could be working as I do now,” says Ronny.“Without the internet I doubt I’d have developed as far sexually, in comparison to if I’d just been left on my own in private to figure things out. I found out what I want and what I don‘t want through the internet.Credits: Music by Perfume Genius) Kevin’s Skype screen remains locked on an out-of-focus profile photo for the duration of the call. For seven months from February last year, Kevin lived in a shared house in North Carolina, jerking off on a webcam in his bedroom-turned-studio for upwards of 1000 paying viewers at a time.It’s an odd detail that makes the whole conversation seem strangely anonymous, even more so given the topic under discussion. He doesn’t want “the cyber fantasy to cross over into my personal life too much.” Kevin is 22 and lives in Ventura, California. Within a month of entering the house, he had, for the first time, had sex on cam with a fellow performer.

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