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Former Divas Champion Eve Torres has spoken to about her pre-Valentine’s Day diss to kinda boyfriend Zack Ryder when she broke his heart by locking lips with the hunky John Cena on Raw this past week. I can’t really say I’m sorry, but isn’t it better to be honest than to lead Zack on?Eve tells WWE.com: “I never intended for anything bad to happen to Zack. ” The Diva also addresses the backlash she has gotten on Twitter: “It’s been a hard adjustment for me, reading my Twitter timeline.In the late '90s, they were no longer known simply as women, they became "divas." They had their own division, titles and storylines. Even though the term "diva" is fairly new for WWE, the contribution of women to the company goes back much further.This list takes a look at the greatest women wrestlers and personalities in WWE since the beginning of the Wrestle Mania era.Success is a personal measure, however, and at what was arguably the peak of her career, the diva from Denver decided to retire from the WWE.She currently resides in Redondo Beach with fiancé Rener Gracie, head instructor and co-creator of Gracie University with a 4th degree black belt in Gracie jiu-jitsu himself.Plus, she holds a purple belt from the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

She called for Smack Down General Manager Booker T’s job and blasted the blue brand’s boss for the last-minute stipulation to her title bout, which ruled she could lose the championship via disqualification or count-out.” Moments later, with her demands unmet, she stormed off in a rage and vowed that she was officially done with the WWE.She was also prominently featured as one of the main storylines on WWE Raw, another accomplishment that can’t be ignored.If you’re a pro-wrestler, the resume of Eve Torres is certainly one to measure up to.Eve Torres Gracie will join Maryse and Kelly Kelly on an upcoming episode of Table for 3.Maryse posted a photo with Eve and Kelly Kelly saying she can’t wait to see former WWE Divas next week during Wrestemania Weekend and used a hashtag #Table For3.

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